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RocketSpace® is a leading technology campus that connects tech startups, innovative brands, accelerator programs, and entrepreneurs to bring the future to market.

Individual Coworking Office Space
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Large Tech Company Coworking Space

We provide unique technology coworking spaces that connects tech startups, global brands, and entrepreneurs through innovative accelerator programs all hosted at our San Francisco headquartered innovation campus. RocketSpace has turned 70,000 square feet of premium downtown office space into one of the world’s most acclaimed technology coworking spaces. With a strong mix of accelerator programs, developer bootcamps, and corporate innovation programs, we continue to be widely covered in the press as an exceptional model for the rapidly growing technology coworking space.

RocketSpace® places a singular focus on the quality of the technology companies we accept into our workspace ecosystem. We fundamentally believe that a company and its employees are a product of their environment. Who you surround yourself with is critically important. As such, we only allow seed funded technology companies into RocketSpace.

Not Just Shared Office Space

Our community is simply much more than a shared office space. RocketSpace® is a tech startup’s paradise.  We provide the perfect workspace ecosystem with the best amenities in which to thrive and grow.

  • 24/7/365 access
  • Electric rise and fall desks
  • Free coffee & beer!
  • Unlimited complimentary color printing
  • Unrestricted Gigabit Internet connectivity to the desktop

Most importantly, we are home to the largest collection of quality technology startups anywhere in the world.

Notable alumni include: Spotify, Leap Motion, Uber, Domo, Achievers, PocketGems

Corporate Innovation Accelerator

Corporate innovation encompasses a number of recent trends including collaborative innovation and the more recent open innovation. As corporations come to grips with the ever increasing pace of change driven by technology, they are realizing the benefits of partnering with the vibrant innovation of a young startup. Corporate partnerships provide startups an exciting opportunity to identify go to market strategies and viability of their product. RocketSpace provides a shared office ecosystem that brings the two together.

Developer BootCamp

Many developer bootcamps have started in the past 2 years and offer a very wide range of courses and styles at different price levels. Most courses run for an 8 to 12 week “offline” course. The key to choosing a good bootcamp is to read the reviews from prior students and get a thorough understanding of the curriculum, who teaches the course, and exactly what is being covered in the allocated time.

Technology Events

San Francisco is alive with numerous nightly technology events. From startups interested in an incubator or go to market strategy, meet-ups, or pitching events, fireside chats to industry discussions, there are a constant a range of choices and reasons to attend.

  • Network with angel and VC investors
  • Hear pitches from leading startups seeking funding
  • Learning about upcoming trends in technology
  • Building a sales team to get a product to market

Find out how new tech companies are getting created by the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Featured Alumni

Leap Motion

Corporate Innovation Members

Deutsche Telekom
The Home Depot

Featured Ecosystem Partners

Apple Inc.
1 Timothy Oulton