The RocketSpace Corporate Innovation Program fosters relationships
between technology startups and the leading corporate brands.

Corporate Innovation Accelerator

The process of innovation is rapidly evolving. Corporations used to confine innovation to “new product development. This rapidly expanded to collaborative innovation where all employees at a company were invited to innovate. It expanded further to include partners, suppliers and customers to encourage further innovation. Today many companies realize that many more smart people exist outside of the company than within their company open innovation is being adopted. Corporations are opening up API’s and encouraging highly innovative companies to work with them or on their platform to produce leading products and services.

Our ecosystem includes over 30,000 technology startups, top-tier business schools, seasoned venture capitalists and forward-leaning corporations focused on innovation as a strategic imperative. From corporate partnerships to ventures, we have seen an increase in the number of symbiotic relationships between mature brands and startups.  Within the RocketSpace Corporate Innovation Program, we facilitate early access to innovative products and capabilities from Silicon Valley and beyond for our partners, by enabling efficient identification, evaluation, and integration of emerging technologies. The program is comprised of three areas: active discovery, developer evangelism, & corporate innovation.

1. Retained Discovery

Our team of analysts continuously survey the early-stage startup landscape and highlight top companies in emerging verticals and segments. Using a proven methodology and taxonomy, we locate and provide insight into top startups based on our members’ strategic objectives. Our custom reports include detailed startups analysis and recommendations grouped by business concepts. Based on your interests, startup introductions are facilitated through private demo days, product pitches, and partnership meetings. Our brand members such as Pearson, British Airways, and AB InBev tend to be more active in this area.

When it comes to digital innovation, we do not expect new ideas to come just from our own internal startups and teams. By partnering with RocketSpace and having a presence within these communities we are able to make it easier for entrepreneurs to work with Pearson and also provide access to our global network of businesses, partners and contacts.

- Diana Stepner, Head of Future Technologies at Pearson

2. Campus Engagement

The program includes event space, conference rooms, desks, and corporate signage to help you establish a physical presence in the heart of the Silicon Valley startup community. By providing access and maintaining visibility at RocketSpace, you can accelerate platform adoption, technology integration, and partnership formation. Effective formats include speaker panels, demo days, workshops, developer events, office hours, or work sessions.  Our platform members such as Fujitsu and NTT Docomo tend to be more active in this area.

Join other top innovation executives at our annual Innovation Summit and quarterly innovation roundtables, where participants share insights and best practices for driving innovation within their company. For more coordinated organizational development efforts, we encourage our members to host teams at RocketSpace on a rotating or permanent basis. Creating a bridge to Silicon Valley and establishing internal visibility is critical to your competitive advantage in capturing innovation and developing strategic partnerships.

3. Quarterly Innovation Reports

A Quarterly snapshot of emerging trends from a startup perspective on a revolving set of themes and industries. A subscription is included in the Retained Discovery and Campus Engagement packages but can also be acquired separately.

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