Technology. Economy.

In short, software is eating the world.
- Marc Andreesen

The world around us is increasingly powered by technology: tech is no longer an industry segment by itself but a part of every industry. And it’s not exclusively a Silicon Valley phenomenon — it’s worldwide. The result: what we call the “Technology Economy.”

RocketSpace fuels the technology economy by creating a perfect ecosystem for tech startups, corporate innovation teams, government tech programs, incubators, universities, venture capital, and the leading service providers to the technology marketplace. Centered in the leading global technology hubs, we provide a physical and virtual network that brings together all of the necessary elements for the technology economy to thrive.

Technology Hubs

Breaking news > we’ve moved the RocketSpace campus and expanded in San Francisco! Click here to read the press release and our new SF locations on Sansome Street.

Technology Hubs Map

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